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God Encounter Moment (G.E.M.)
15-Minute Live Bible Reading
  • Dr. Dwight K. Nelson, world renown evangelist, media host and senior pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church conducted a powerful and inspirational Book Blessing of our publications.
  • After reading, "Strong in the Broken Places: A Plan Behind the Pain", a denominational leader ordered copies for each congregant and extra copies for potential visitors to his meetings!
"Margaret Michel, a gifted speaker,  counselor, evangelist, seminar presenter, and friend has written this book Strong In The Broken Places. She writes, not as a coach standing on the sidelines barking out instructions to those on the playing field, but as a fellow player on the gridiron of life. As one who has had more than her share of  “broken places”, I have seen Pastor Michel use such experiences as a platform from which to herald the praises of a trustworthy and loving God.
Reading this book serves as a timely reminder that there is a plan behind life’s pains. She reminds us that as Christians it is our privilege and responsibility to remain strong and to glorify God, even when the road of life takes us through those broken places. Thanks Pastor Michel for this timely reminder."
-  Pastor J. M. Harris
"The book from "Crisis to Christ" could not have been written at a better time! Margaret Michel has led us in deeper understanding, compassion and spiritual insight in her book to help you assess where you stand in your relationship with God today.
I recommend it as a Balm for the Troubled world. A must for all to read."
                                                                 -  Joseph N.
"Reading this book [From Crisis to Christ] has been an eye-opening experience for me.  How indeed we often bring misery upon ourselves by disobeying God's commands, and when we suffer the consequences we blame it on God!  I had never before viewed the book of Ruth from the perspective of this book.  Margaret Michel retells the story such that it captures your mind that you won't lay the book down until the very end.  Was it indeed Ruth's trust in her new found God or pity for her widowed mother in law that makes her insist on following Naome?  Naome had given up, but Ruth persisted....uh  Read this book for yourself, you will love it."
 -  Priscilla S.
“'Romancing my Soul' is a collection of poetry and Bible verses, that sways the soul to a rhythm and movement that are intertwined with adoration to a most Holy God. It evokes the senses of sound, taste and hearing that tap into the atmosphere of worship and praise. The reader can either peep through the window and witness this expression of love, or step in and be filled with the experience."
 -  T.  M. G.
"From Crisis to CHRIST was EXCELLENT!"
- Pastor
“I LOVED it (Strong in the Broken Places: A Plan Behind the Pain)!  I just had to tell you.  It answered so many questions that I've had about life and how unfair it seems to be sometimes.  Will there be a blog where I can talk to others about the book?  You have really been gifted as a writer.  Thank you!”
- Teacher
“I read it (From Crisis to CHRIST) right through and could not put it down until I had finished the entire book!  I know so many who would appreciate reading this book.  Keep up the good work!”
- Parent
“Strong in the Broken Places:  A Plan Behind the Pain is one of the most powerful messages I have ever come across! 
- Administrator
“Powerful little book (Strong in the Broken Places: A Plan Behind the Pain)!  Makes you want to shout in your problems.  I just had to tell you.  I couldn't even wait to finish reading it through to tell you.  It's not a book that you can just read.  It really makes you want to shout.  It's small but it is powerful.  I know the Holy Spirit had to have been in the writing because there is no way for such a little book to have so much power.  I have a couple of people that I'm going to recommend it to."
- Homemaker
“I read the first 100 pages without putting the book  (From Crisis to CHRIST) down.  There's got to be a way to link with others.  I felt like discussing it with someone.”
- Professional
“I could SEE the scene (in Romancing My Soul).   Your words captured my imagination quite vividly."
- Artist
“I love your poems (Romancing My Soul)!”
- Student
“I've never seen those points before (Downward Descent of Decided Disobedience), and yet they were right there in front of me all the while.  It opened my eyes.”
- Ministry Student
"Wow!  It (Romancing My Soul) was just amazing.  I loved them (the poems)!"
- Retiree
“The pancake breakfast was a success…The music was lively, the prayers were carefully thought out, and the pancakes themselves were very nice.” 
- P.H.
“Thank you for the Pancake Breakfast.  It was enjoyable and uplifting.”
- D.B.
“We enjoyed your pancake brunch very much.  The food was delicious.  The singing and prayers very uplifting…we really look forward to the next brunch.” 
 - 12 Signatures
"During the two years that we have been managers here, we have never received as many wonderful reviews from the residents as we did for the prayer breakfast that you and your team put on.  The folks are eagerly anticipating the breakfast that you are planning...
“Certainly what you are doing is a real blessing to these senior citizens.  We greatly appreciate what you all are doing.  Thank you.” 
- S.S.
“Thank you Pastor Michel for all of your hard work and sacrifice for the program on Sunday.  I was impressed.”
- Pastor J. M. H.
“Thanks.  Praying for more success.”  
- E.B.
“May God continue to use you.” 
- P.S.
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"What a great blessing I got!  It was wonderful.  Keep it up.”
"I try not to miss it.”
"The readings come on right in time.  It divides my day quite nicely.  I listen in while I finish up."
"I liked it a lot.  Every word  was clear and you didn't drag it out.  The timeframe was nice."
"What a good ministry!  I know more people want to know about it.”
"I told the church about it and we are all so excited about this."
"It is great!  I am retired and enjoy listening to the Word of God being read.  I wouldn't change a thing...unless it's to have even more of it!"

"Small Group" 

"This has been such a blessing in my life, because now I feel like I belong to something!  I look forward to our meeting all week!  Thank you for providing a GROW group that can accommodate folks like me!!!"


"I was very interested in G.E.M. because I felt it would help me in [creating] enough time throughout the week for time with God.  With a busy day I tend to always be in a rush and need to create that precious time.  I [thank] God for bringing [the group leader] and G.E.M. into my life."


"I don't know you, but I do know that you guys have been going through some things and...I want you to know that I care about you and that I am praying for you, no matter what you are going through.  I hope you guys have a wonderful week and thank you for letting me be a part of this...[Thank] you for being such a caring person in my life."


"I feel very cared for, and humbled that so many who don't even know me are praying for me.  The G.E.M. session tonight was very inspiring also.  I feel blessed and calm!  Thanks again."
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